Claire C writes:

In the summer I received a message from a fellow VC Walcot member wondering if I could help with a Bike Maintenance Session for some of the female members of the club.

With some covid restrictions still in place we decided to host the session in the park. We spent a couple of hours together with our bikes and got to grips with;

🚲Understanding the names and parts of our bikes.
🪛How to check that our bikes are safe to ride using the MCheck.
🧽How to keep our chains clean and running smoothly, and how to check for wear.
🔧How to remove a back wheel, replace an inner tube, re-seat tyres, and reinstall the wheel.

Understanding the workings of your bike, and knowing that your bike is safe to ride because you know what to look for, gives you confidence out on the road. Knowing that you can fix a puncture if it happens stops the worry and means you can get out and enjoy the ride!