Cyclists from the Velo Club Walcot from Bath, England, ride as fast as possible to coffee
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Just another VC Walcot Sunday

At least five different groups on Sunday but one thing in common; we nearly always head into the wind on the way out so we have a nice fast tailwind home.

VCW conquers the Classics Ride 2018

Once a year on the day of the famous cobbled Paris-Roubaix race in France, Velo Club Walcot members pay tribute to the horrors of terrible road surfaces by taking on some of the steepest, shoddiest lanes of the West Country.   Seven…
VC Walcot rider Claire Cottrell speeds through Flanders countryside on a gravel track

Ride Report: Tour of Flanders 2018

Velo Club Walcot members return happy from pedalling-packed trip to the Belgian Classics   Over 3 days and 300km (87 miles), Claire Cottrell and David Acklam tackled the infamous cobbled climbs, joined the Gent Wevelgem Sportive and…
Velo Club Walcot members smiling and waving at Barrys Bristol Blast cycle ride

VCW blasts around Bristol

VC Walcot was out in force for Barry’s Bristol Blast, a jolly 116km loop south from Bristol via Glastonbury   Last Sunday 25th March, our 13 riders largely made up from the usual Sunday Clubriders 2 group did a great job of completing a…
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Race Results: 2nd Team for VCW in Bath CC TT

Velo Club Walcot took second place team in the Bath CC promotion today, a counting event in the season-long Western Time Trials Association series. Best-placed member was Tavis Walker in eighth position. The results sheet is here Arran…

U10 and U12 results from Odd Down CX 2015

U10 and U12 Results from #OddDownCx2015 (Results for the other categories are being provided by Black Sheep Sports as part of their arrangement with the Western League. There are some issues with those which we and they are working to resolve…

Riders On The Storm

Riders On The StormAfter totally failing to get any pictures of our recent (semi epic) ride to Clevedon and back, we’ll let Jason Bhandari’s words do all the talking. Great read as always.

Bike Bath 2012 – A Lesson in ‘Having Faith’

So, Bike Bath 2012 has been and gone. We’ve had a bit of a journey with the event and Richard (Breathing Space) the organiser As a club, we first heard about Bike Bath shortly before our AGM last December. We received a clearly scripted…

Dragon ride 2012; a roller-coaster day in the saddle by Michael Young

I was able to grab one of the 100 late entries for The Wiggle Dragaon Ride in April. The first 3000 entries sold out in under 3 hours in December and the remaining 1000 balloted was the first indication that the Dragon Ride might be a  worthwhile…

Classics Ride 2012

Classics Ride 2012 - Sunny but chilly start to the ride, we eschewed our usual spot opposite the Guildhall for once. No one really aware of what was ahead of them: 56km, 1154m total ascent, 11 climbs, 16 riders, tights lanes and plenty of rough…

Jason Bhandari (aka Velorunner) takes us through the Lionheart Sportive

Jason Bhandari (aka Velorunner) takes us through the Lionheart SportiveNice report from Jason about his experiences at the Lionheart Sportive