Club Trip to Newport Velodrome

With a certain amount of trepidation for many in the group we headed over to Newport yesterday for a 2hr evening session. All but 4 riders had not been to the velodrome before so whilst the previously initiated headed out for 30mins of through and off the others got the usual intro into track riding. The first hour passed and there was soon a very aesthetically pleasing long line of green/pink/cream charging around the track in a nice tight formation.

A further session trying to gain a lap on the main pack and we were ready for an inaugural Club 500m TT. Suddenly it got all serious amongst the 3rd and 4th Cats, race faces were worn. The podium made interesting reading; Andy on his own track bike with a slightly bigger gearing took the win. Giles proved a smooth super velocity cadence = speed and James showed having a 4 month old son hasn’t dented his power output. Overall timing revealed by clicking the arrow on the picture above.

Nick Skardon is already on the case for a spring time booking! See y’all then.