We’ve been getting a lot of enquiries regarding sessions and events at Odd Down Circuit. Our website has been a little out of date due to our web master being on paternity leave. It now shows the latest info we have to hand which we hope will remain as it is. Click on our Odd Down Circuit dedicated section. 

The club, more specifically Jon Arnold, plus the other local clubs are putting in a huge amount of work behind the scenes to make sure we can put on open sessions, crit races and youth coaching sessions in a correct and safe way. Many things, like risk assessments, are out of our control and must be in place before we can make good on the dates we’ve planned. This has resulted in a couple of slippages in the originally planned sessions and races but please bear with us.

Like any cycling club we all give our time for free and most of it fitting in around full time jobs, families and other commitments. The work required for the circuit is a full-time job currently. We’re desperate for everything to go well at the circuit. We want to ride and have fun there as much as anybody else does. Considering this time last year the circuit was just a possibility we’ve come a loooong way for a small (ish) club. 

We’re going to get a few things wrong and yes, we’ve had a few critics recently. Comments regarding more open access to the circuit outside of booked times are being considered by the council but we have no control over this. British Cycling and B&NES make the rules which we are working with as best we can. 

If you do have any questions please direct them to enquiries@vc-walcot.com We’re happy to deal with all the grumbles as well but preferably in more than 140 characters on Twitter. 

First planned open session is now 9th May at 1800. More details very soon…………