Every once in a while an email drops into the Inbox from a club member who’s moved on to greener pastures. Will Longworth was one of the real stalwarts and main protagonists of our Sunday Group Ride in the first few years. As a bona fide Aussie he rode everywhere in the big ring and could be heard telling people on many a cold morning to ‘man up’ and take the pain. He was also one of the best dressed members we’ve ever had emblazoned in either Assos or Rapha kit come rain or shine. Stick him on the front and let him drive the peloton, he’ll push the big gears all day.

Still going strong out in Toronto and he recently rode the Gran Fondo New York (see pic above). He’s returning back to Brisbane soon, the cold Canadian winters really aren’t for him it seems. If he ever does make it out on a Sunday Group Ride again with us make sure you grab his wheel quickly or otherwise he’ll disappear off into the distance………..

Good to hear from you Will.