Say what! Finalist ‘Community Club of the Year’ at the Bath Chronicle Sports Awards? Us? Eh?

Yesterday an email dropped in the club’s inbox re. the above news.

Surprised isn’t the word. More like, how? 

We do what we do and hope to be a justified part of the local cycling scene. Sure, we put a lot of energy into this but so do many other clubs. If this means cycling is being accepted as part of the local sporting scene then maybe times are changing. Who knows? 

We’re grateful for the recognition all the same. All the club’s members and servants should treat this as a massive pat on the back for the way they promote the club. It’s great to see Sulis Scorpions YCA up for the same award. Now there’s a club doing something for Bath’s young cycling community ;0)

The awards are on 13th Nov, 7pm at Bath Racecourse. It’s a black tie and no lycra type of shindig. We may sneak a club cap or two in though should we get on the podium. Peaks up of course!

We’re certainly looking forward a tasty hot buffet, the halftime sports quiz and plenty of cake. Cuz that’s what awards ceremonies are like, aren’t they?