Sir Chris Comes To Odd Down Circuit

When we first got involved with the circuit at Odd Down in mid 2012 we really didn’t know what treats awaited us once the circuit opened. The dark winter months were full of hard work with very little payback although the incentives were clear to see.

Now that the circuit is open for business the local clubs continue to put a lot of work into running activities and with Tuesday evening racing, Sulis Scorpions, Thursday Open Sessions. With events like yesterday it was a genuine chance to share all the good work that has been done so far. 

Naturally, it helps having a Sir ride around the circuit to draw in the crowds. If only a small proportion start coming to the circuit on Saturdays with Sulis Scorpions  we will have achieved something that we didn’t think was possible this time last year. 

Club members Phil Thompson and Greg Kirk were lucky enough to spend a little time riding around the circuit with Chris whilst escorting pupils from their respective schools plus grab a picture for the mantelpiece in the process.

Thanks to B&NES, Evans and of course Chris Hoy for giving the local cycling scene a real boost. 

All photos copyright Nick Rearden