Want to look splendid on your clubride with some spanking new VC Walcot kit? Then get your order in now. But act quickly – the shop is open for orders for just a few weeks.

There’s the usual range of long and short sleeve jerseys, jackets, gilets, bib shorts and tights, in mens, womens and kids designs. The main items are offered in 3 collections – Active, Elite and Pro, offering progressively more technical fabrics and closer fit, and as you might expect, also becoming more expensive. Active is good entry level and is very comfortable; many regular club riders choose Elite for a slightly more tailored cut and better materials; and Pro is probably best suited for the racing snakes amongst us.

Our main advice is to follow the size guide using actual measurements (and don’t breath in for the measurement unless you can hold that for an entire ride!). If you’re unsure, why not see if you can borrow an item from a similarly proportioned clubmate to check the size? If you’ve got questions about any of the items, try asking for advice in the VCW Facebook group.

The shop will close for new orders on 16 January, then all orders will be custom made as a single batch, which typically takes around 6 weeks. So should be perfect timing for any new spring and summer wear. The orders will ship as a single batch, so we’ll make arrangements for collection once available.