Tour Series 2015 Finale Comes to Bath

Bath’s biggest cycling secret for 2015 (but maybe worst kept) is out of the bag!

The Pearl Izumi Tour Series is coming to the city on the evening of 11th June. Aside from the Tour of Britain, which of course came here last year as well, this is the best pro cycling has to offer in UK. We’re privileged to have it. Really, well done to the council. You won’t here many utter that too often in public.

The club was invited to a little photo-shoot to last Friday in preparation. We had some fun riding the cobbles for the official pics and then we headed off into the park for more low key fun and tomfoolery.

You’ll notice two of the club’s stars of the future plus Morgan and Laura Curle in the above pictures ;0) Watch out for Team Curle, their stock is rising.

Thanks to the guys at Bath Uni CC, Felix Young and mostly to Alberto Lapedriza for the camera work.

We’ll let you know once we hear from the council about the timetable for 11th June. Expect some fun and plenty of support races from us if we’re allowed……