Westbury Wheelers Meet-Up Ride – Sunday 9/12/2012

After last week’s roll out of the new ‘Easy Riders’ group ride we’re back to normal this week, or are we? 
In a change of protocol we’re going to have a cake/coffee stop during the ride. Why? Well, a while back Westbury Wheelers contacted the club to see if we’d like to do a joint ride sometime. With the clubs starting their rides in two different places without any real common ground we decided to have a meet-up at one of their usual coffee stop locations. This weekend they’re riding to Farrington Farm shop so we’ve planned a route to meet them there for about 11-30am. Jon Arnold is going to infiltrate their ride and accompany them to Farrington as it’s closer to him from Trowbridge. 
Our ride will start, as always, at the usual time of 9-30am opposite the Guildhall. If it’s icy again then we can amend it accordingly. We’ll be going at the usual pace of approx 15mph to make sure we get there in time. After Farrington we can decide our own routes back to Bath depending on where people live. 
It’s a #cyclewithoutmichael weekend as Mike Young is busy but riders can still roll up to the Guildhall for 0900 on Saturday and do a 20-30 mile route of their own choice. 

The ‘Easy Riders’ group ride returns next week. After the great turnout last week we just had to get another one in before Christmas!