Today we were given the news that the planning application for a 1.5km cycle track on the site of Odd Down playing fields in Bath has been given the rubber stamp of approval by Bath & Northeast Somerset Council. But what does this mean in reality?

This is just one step in a lengthy process to realise a cycling facility for the local community and beyond. It’s also a great filip for those who have been working tirelessly to see this application through up until this point. In reality, though, much of the hard work is still ahead of us. Currently the following provisional timeline can be distributed.

  • Tenders were invited on 5th October for both 1km and 1.5km circuits
  • Tenders returned 2nd November
  • Start on Site Mid December/Early January (dependent on how close the Christmas the start date falls)
  • Completion (subject to Contractors Proposals programme) End of March/Early April 2013.

Overall funding has yet to be confirmed formally by BANES and British Cycling but we are as confident as we can be that this is just a case of ensuring the correct procedures are followed by both parties  When more info becomes available we will naturally distribute it. As a member of the Odd Down ‘Hub Club’ we are in a good position to comment and pass on news of developments as they happen. We’ll keep you posted…..